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Hi there! This is Jonny Wax, AKA Space Facts Wax. I'm so glad you have decided to join me on this journey as we explore the universe together. I appreciate that you've taken the time to follow me on social media as I post fun and inspiring space facts. As you can tell from the e-mail subject line, "Weekly Blast Off," all e-mails will be at the start of each week. But as I was excited to send off my first ever SFW e-mail, you're getting my debut e-mail on a Thursday!

Here is what you can expect in the weekly e-mail:
-Upcoming space news (such as rocket launches)
-Recent space exploration headlines that are newsworthy
-This week in space history
-Interviews with space experts (astronomers, astronauts, engineers, and more).
-My own personal take on all of it!

Let me start by saying I am not a space expert. I am a passionate fan like you and want this to be a place where we all learn and grow together.

In fact, over the last few weeks, I have been asking Space Facts Wax followers on social media what is it that gets you so excited about space exploration? Here are a few of my favorite answers...

What is it that gets you so excited about space exploration?

Here are a few answers from some of my followers:

"I'm honestly into the discovery of new life on other planets and how we can sustain life on any planet other than earth"
-@TheStackHouse_ on Twitter

"thinking about how there is so much more to this universe than our planet, and even in the known universe! I’ve also been interested in space since i was little!"
-@friggyfrig on Twitter

"I'd say the fact that it's literally endless and that there is still so much to explore :)"
-@BTS_Gurl_in_Luv on Twitter

"I'm interested in anything heavenly bodies - stars, nebulae, galaxies with a brief description or tale."
-@rbT_Grm on Twitter

"I think I am most excited by the search for possible life (water on Mars, or on the moons. Also, the beauty of outer space. And new techologies, and science that can help us here on Earth. I really enjoyed the recent Netflix series One Strange Rock"
-@pigspoemspeace on Twitter

"I love looking at the stars and planets and not only recognising constellations but imagining what new life is out there and the possibilities it would bring"

What I take away from this and the countless other inspiring answers I've received is that we all continue to be in awe of the universe, our growing technology, and the quest for the unknown. The universe is for everyone and we are all a part of it.

Recent Space News

We're going back to the moon!
Vice President Mike Pence has recently announced that we plan to put astronauts back on the moon by the year 2024. The goal is to establish a lunar presence at the South Pole of the moon and make scientific discoveries that would help us on our greater goal of getting to Mars by the early 2030's. The South Pole has potential for water and will train astronauts for long-term survival outside Earth. It will be 52 years since the last astronaut stepped on the moon.

I'm personally very excited about it. Of course people are questioning whether it's realistic or not to get there so soon as 5 years is no easy task. I'm sure there will be delays as there always are. But the fact that it's been publicly announced that this is the goal is really promising. It now holds these people accountable to get the job done. I can only imagine what new technology will be invented along the way to help us get there.

What else?

Elon Musk continues to look towards the future as his Starhopper prototype aced its short rocket test firing at SpaceX's newest launch site in Texas. This is all part of SpaceX's goal of building the Starship, a 100-person spacecraft carried to space by the massive booster Super Heavy. Can you imagine how loud and incredible this launch will be one day? 100 people! That's insane!

What's Coming Up in Space Exploration This Week?

Two rocket launches and an unmanned spacecraft landing on the moon

Today, an uncrewed Russian Progress 72 cargo ship lifts off from Kazakhstan. It will carry 3 tons of food, fuel and other necessary supplies for the Expedition 59 astronaut crew living on the ISS.

Meanwhile, a small Israeli spacecraft will be chasing for the moon. The lander, called Beresheet, is Israel's first ever spacecraft launched to the moon. It's been on its way for over a month. The mission includes plans to measure the Moon's local magnetic field, carries a laser retroreflector, and a digital "time capsule." Yes, a time capsule- specifically three discs, each containing hundreds of digital files. Among them are drawings of the moon and space by Israeli children, MP3 files of Israeli songs, works of Israeli art and literature and photos of Israeli landscapes.

Lastly, an Arianespace Soyuz rocket carrying four 03b communications satellites will launch into orbit for the satellite communications provider SES.

On this date in NASA history

Yesterday was astronaut Gus Grissom's birthday. Exactly one year ago I got to visit Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We visited Launch Complex 34, where the Apollo 1 cabin burned up during a launch rehearsal test on the ground and killed the life of Gus Grissom, as well as astronauts Roger Chaffee and Ed White. Standing on that pad was surreal. He was a true hero, the second American astronaut to ever reach space, and one of the members of the Mercury 7.

Also during this week in NASA history, the world got its 1st-ever weather satellite, TIROS-1. The extremely successful mission, managed and operated at Goddard, was a spiritual predecessor to today's expansive Earth-observing satellite fleet. It launched on April 1, 1960.

That's all for now!

Thanks for tuning in to my first ever Space Facts Wax weekly blast-off. I hope you enjoyed! Look forward to hearing from you :)

I'm Jonny Wax, sharing small facts about our big universe!

Disclamer: I am not a space expert. I do my best to stay factually accurate and to hit upon all the most exciting current topics. Did I miss anything? Let me know! I hope you enjoy the weekly newsletter. I rely on your continued support to keep doing this. Please spread the word and invite your friends to sign up at!

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